General Questions

Q. "What forms of payment do you accept?"

A. Our preferred methods of payment are Credit Cards & PayPal. If you would like to send Money Order or Cashiers Check, we will accept that, but the order will be delayed. We will have to wait for the check to clear our bank before shipping.

Q. "Do I have to pay sales tax?"

A. If you live in North Carolina you will have to pay 7 % Sales Tax.

Q. "How much is shipping for 1 box? How much is shipping for multiple boxes?"

A. Shipping cost varies from $3.95 & up based on weight & supplies. ***Remember***if your total purchase values over $250 then shipping will be absolutely free!!!

Q. "Do you ship internationally?"

A. Shipping to all countries varies depending on what country it is going to & the weight. You will need to email me via the Contact Us page, with what you would like to order and your location. I will email you back with a shipping quote for that order.

Q. "Which shipping methods do you use?"

A. As of right now all shipping will be done via UPS or USPS Priority Mail/First Class!

Q. "When do you ship my package?"

A. If you place your order before 4:00 PM ET Monday-Friday, your order will usually ship out the same day. Orders placed on the weekend will ship out first thing Monday...excluding Holidays. 

For video breaks, 99.9% of the time, all of your cards are shipped out the same day of the break. I take pride in always staying as late as I have to make sure everyone gets their cards shipped out the same day.

Q. "How long does it take to receive my package?"

A. The shipment takes between 1 and 4 business days depending on where you live.I try to ship Priority on all West Coast orders so they do arrive in 2 to 3 business days on average.

Q. "Can I purchase Insurance?"

A. Yes, but the shipping cost would be extra. can not be held responsible for the mishandling of the UPS or USPS without the purchase of Insurance.

If you would like insurance added to your package, make sure to email me via the Contact Us page directly after you order. Let me know how much insurance you would like to add and I will email you back with how to add insurance to your order.Or you can select INSURANCE on check out and add it immediately to your order. 


Video Box Breaking

Q. "How do I place an order for a video box break? "

A. When you place an order there is a SHIP SEALED or BREAK LIVE button. Click which one you like on checkout. If you want a LIVE break then click BREAK LIVE, otherwise it would be shipped sealed. 

Q. "Do you open all the boxes that are ordered? "

A. All boxes are shipped sealed unless we are specifically asked to break the box you ordered.

Q. "Is there an extra charge for a video break versus shipping the boxes sealed?"

A. No! Video box breaking is offered absolutely free of charge.Your cards will be toploaded, team-bagged and etc. They will arrive 100% safe from damage.

Q. "When can I expect my video to be uploaded to YouTube?"

A. If you place your order before 6PM ET, then your break and video will be uploaded the same day. Any orders after 6PM ET, will be broken and uploaded the next day.

Q. "Why do you show the #s on the boxes when doing a YouTube break?"

A. This is so people can pick which box # then want in the future. I show all #s at the beginning of a new case. So for example, if there is box #s 45 87 22 & 31 left from the case, you can easily pick a # you like. Also you can verify that the box did come from that sealed case. If the boxes do not have a serial # then I hand # the boxes with a sharpie. Once again, this is so you can easily pick which # you like. This is also a very easy way to keep track of what boxes have been broken from a certain case and which ones are left over.

Q. "Why do people have you break their box(es) on YouTube? Isn't half the fun opening it yourself?"

A. There are many reasons as to why people enjoy a video break and I will list a few here.

You get to see what you get from your box instantly without waiting for it to ship.

  • You get to share what you get from your box with other people. This in turn makes it easier to trade/ sell cards you don't want.

  • You get all of your hits shipped to you in sleeves, toploaders & teambags.

  • You get video proof if the box has a missing hit, crazy patch and etc.

  • Some find my southern accent to be very soothing :D.. OK I made that one up.